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Who is MTek Digital?

For over 25 years, we have been operating as Microtek Corporation, an all service web design, development and online marketing company in the Edmonton, Alberta market. Although we’ve excelled at providing online website services for our clients, we’ve realized that the nature of today’s technology is geared towards equipping the user for self-management. The tools are available to do nearly anything yourself – you just need to be educated and informed about the options.

MTek Digital is offering years of hands-on industry experience to train and inform interested people about all things digital. From photography to web design, we invite you to experience any of our highly informative and practical seminars. You don’t need to have any experience – you just need to be curious and eager!

Who Should Attend OurĀ Seminars?

It’s all about learning – no matter your current level of experience or skill. Our target is to offer entry level, introductory seminars that satisfy a curiosity towards a specific subject. It’s the kind of information that answers the “I’ve always wanted to know how to do that” kind of questions. If you are any of the following, then you should consider attending one of our seminars:

  • a small business owner looking for ways to actively manage online marketing initiatives, or to offset costs of building/maintaining a modern website.
  • an administrator/staff member trying to personally build technical skills valuable to their company.
  • an entrepreneur looking to understand social media engagement.
  • a hobby photographer looking to improve a technical skill.
  • a curious learner who wants some experience in the world of digital marketing.

Of course, you can simply qualify yourself by seeing what seminars we offer, and choose any one(s) that triggers your interest!